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District Overview

Upper Darby School District
4611 Bond Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
Fax 610-789-0796 – Business Office
Fax 610-789-8671 – Supt. Office
Serving the Communities of
Upper Darby Township
Millbourne Borough
Clifton Heights Borough

School Closing No. 452

District AdministrationBoard of Directors


Upper Darby High School
601 N. Lansdowne Avenue,
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
Tel: 610-622-7000
Fax: 610-622-4634
Edward Roth, Principal
Joanna DeMarco, Asst. Principal
Jill Palladino, Asst. Principal
William Hensil, Asst. Principal
Joanne DeVito, Asst. Principal
Joshua Rehak, Asst. Principal
Matthew Alloway, Asst. Principal

The Opportunity Center
at Upper Darby High School

601 N. Lansdowne Avenue,
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
Tel: 610-384-1535
Fax: 610-394-1531
Matthew Alloway, Principal

Beverly Hills Middle School
1400 Garrett Road,
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Tel: 610-626-9317
Fax: 610-626-9321
Kelley Simone,  Principal
Robert Best, Asst. Principal
Susan Campbell, Asst. Principal
Brian Ursone, Asst. Principal

Drexel Hill Middle School
3001 State Road,
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
Tel: 610-853-4580
Fax: 610-853-4585
Frank Salerno, Principal 
Fran McElhenney, Asst. Principal
Peter Schiller, Asst. Principal
Evan Kramp, Asst. Principal

Aronimink Elementary School
4611 Bond Avenue,
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
Tel: 610-853-4510
Fax: 610-853-6686
Brian Booher, Principal

Bywood Elementary School
330 Avon Road,
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Tel: 610-352-6842
Fax: 610-352-6612
Timothy McEntee, Principal

Garrettford Elementary School
3830 Garrett Road,
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
Tel: 610-626-9168
Fax: 610-626-8348
Thomas Christensen, Principal

Highland Park Elementary School
8301 West Chester Pike,
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Tel: 610-853-4530
Fax: 610-853-6678
Stephanie Sitek, Interim Principal

Hillcrest Elementary School
2601 Bond Avenue,
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
Tel: 610-853-4520
Fax: 610-853-6679
Kristen O'Neill, Principal

Charles Kelly Elementary School
3400 Dennison Avenue,
Drexel Hill, PA  19026
Tel: 610-638-1070
Fax: 610-638-1066
Melanie-Jo Frick, Ed. D., Principal

Kindergarten Center
3200 State Road,
Drexel Hill, PA  19026
Tel: 610-284-7992
Fax: 610-284-7928
Dina Williams, Principal

Primos Elementary School
861 Bunting Lane,
Primos, PA 19018
Tel: 610-622-6755
Fax: 610-623-9422
Jonathan Wisneski, Principal

Walter M. Senkow Elementary School
15 East Lamont Avenue,
Glenolden, PA  19036
Tel: 610-957-5114
Fax: 610-957-5117
Tony Watson, Ed. D., Principal

Stonehurst Hills Elementary School
7051 Ruskin Lane,
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Tel: 610-626-9111
Fax: 610-626-8580
Aaronda Beauford, Principal

Westbrook Park Elementary School
199 Westbrook Drive,
Clifton Heights, PA 19018
Tel: 610-626-9363
Fax: 610-626-8389
Marc Comfort, Principal

District Information

  • 16 – 17 Budget - $189,025,525
  • School Tax - 35.216 mills
  • Busing - $8,240,000
  • Teachers - 1069
  • Avg. Cost Per Student - $13,950
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