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Ali Cucinotta

Ali Cucinotta

01 February 2017 | Published in: Making a Difference

When you are a student like Ali Cucinotta, things appear to come easily. Having natural talent is a blessing, but having the opportunity to match your talent to something you love to do is a true gift. Because of the vast opportunities available, young people like Ali can often find their passion within the walls of Upper Darby High School. Ali Cucinotta has done just that and is now interested in pursuing a future in an unexpected career.

The Professional Field Experience offered through Upper Darby High School affords high school students who may want to pursue a career in education the chance to actually work with children in our elementary schools before pursuing a teaching degree. This experience can solidify a student’s decision to enter the field of education or provide them with valuable insights into whether or not the profession is a good fit for them.

Broadcast Journalism is an elective course for upperclassmen that introduces students to the world of media. Students have the experience of being on camera and behind the scenes and discover the high-paced world of broadcast journalism. 

Ali has taken advantage of the opportunities offered at Upper Darby High School and discovered her passion as a result. To see Ali’s story, please click here.


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