Nyla Nixon

Nyla Nixon

03 April 2017 | Published in: Making a Difference

Nyla Nixon is the student every teacher wishes to have in his or her classroom. The Bywood fifth grader is one of her school’s biggest cheerleaders, and she is always willing to be a helping hand to her classmates and her teachers. Her attitude, her smile, and her selfless acts have made many at Bywood, especially her teachers, feel good about what they do each and every day.

When Nyla asked her principal to recognize her teacher for the great work she is doing, she made a difference for the entire staff of Bywood. Children like Nyla remind teachers of the importance of their jobs and why they love teaching like they do!

Bywood Elementary is a special place, in part to Nyla Nixon. Her contributions in the classroom and in the singing ensembles are undeniable, but that is not what makes her so special. Her personality and her positive spirit are what make Nyla such a special part of Bywood.

To learn more about Nyla Nixon and how she is Making a Difference at Bywood Elementary School, please click here.


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