Board Members

Judith Gentile
Liaison Assignments: Mendenhall Tyson Scholarship Committee, Finance/Operations Committee Co-chair, Finance and Budget

Kenneth Rucci
Liaison Assignments: Legislative Council, Technology

Maureen Carey
Liaison Assignments: DCIU Board, Education/Pupil Services Committee Co-chair

Vincent Gordon
Vice President
Liaison Assignments: Finance/Operations Committee Co-chair, Supplies

rmitchellRachel Mitchell
Liaison Assignments: Personnel, District Home & School Committee

hBoyd 75x75Heather Boyd
Liaison Assignments: DCCC, Food Service, Facilities

lJordan 75x75Lee Ann Jordan
Liaison Assignments: Policy, Communications

MSINGH 75x75Manjit Singh
Liaison Assignments: Transportation

Kate Smith
Liaison Assignments: Education/Pupil Services Committee Co-chair, Instruction and Curriculum

pgrant 75x75Patrick Grant

crogersCraig Rogers

Francis J. Catania

All correspondence for School Board members may be directed to the Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fair Funding Formula for Pennsylvania

On March 11, 2014, The Upper Darby School District Board of School Directors passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS, Pennsylvania’s more than 1.8 million public school students deserve the highest quality education; and

WHEREAS, the state’s contribution in funding public education as a percentage of basic instructional expenses has declined from over 50% during the mid 1970’s, to less than 35% today; and, on average, other states contribute 44% of total education funding; and Pennsylvania ranks 47th among the 50 states in the amount of state subsidies allocated to support elementary and secondary education, and ranks 8th in reliance on local taxes; and

WHEREAS, as the state’s share of K-12 education funding decreases while the  number of state and federal mandates for public schools steadily increases each year, additional burden is placed on local taxpayers to make up the difference to ensure that our students’ education is not jeopardized; and

WHEREAS, in recent years, basic education funding has been distributed without the benefit of a funding formula, with the lack of a reliable, fair and transparent funding formula resulting in great disparities in how state education funds are distributed to school districts; and

WHEREAS, these inequities effectively harm the ability of school districts to adequately and fairly provide the resources for the different needs of their students, especially those in poverty, those with disabilities, English language learners and other students; and

WHEREAS, the Upper Darby School District supports the development of a system of public school financing that addresses the needs of school districts and students, and establishes a school funding formula that is equitable, adequate, comprehensive and consistent. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Upper Darby School District urges the General Assembly to reinvest its interest in the support of public schools by taking legislative action to establish a formula that is predictable and addresses adequacy and equity for all school districts;  and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Upper Darby School District will encourage others, including parents, students and district taxpayers, to contact the Pennsylvania General Assembly to convey the importance of establishing a fair and equitable public school funding formula; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be submitted to the elected senators and representatives of the Upper Darby School District in the General Assembly, and to the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Please contact your legislators:

Contact State Senator Tom McGarrigle: (717) 787-1350
Contact State Representative Margo Davidson: (717) 783-4907
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: (717) 783-8808
Contact Congressman Pat Meehan: (610) 690-7323
Contact Congressman Bob Brady: (610) 874-7094
Contact Senator Pat Toomey:  (215)-597-7200
Contact Senator Bob Casey: (215)-864-6900

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