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UDHS Policy On ELL

English Language Learners Program

Upper Darby School District Board Policy regarding ELL

7-10 Specialized Program of Instruction

7-18 English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

  1. Purpose: In accordance with the Board’s philosophy to provide a quality educational program for all students enrolled in the district, the Upper Darby School District shall provide an appropriate planned instructional program for identified students whose dominant language is not English.

    The school district shall provide an English as a Second Language program for each student whose dominant language is not English. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the student’s achievement of English proficiency and the academic standards. The program shall meet the three-pronged test of program compliance:
    1. Sound research-based education theory
    2. Sufficient resources and staffed by appropriately prepared personnel
    3. Periodic program evaluation
  2. Guidelines:
    1. LEP (Limit English Proficiency) students shall be enrolled upon the parent or guardian’s presentation of a local address and proof of immunization.
    2. The ESL program shall be designed to provide instruction to meet each student’s individual needs based on the assessment of English proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Adequate content area support shall be provided while the student is learning English to ensure achievement of academic standards.
    3. All ESL programs will be staffed by certified personnel, where required.
    4. Instructional resources shall be comparable to the resources provided other core academic subjects.
    5. The program shall be evaluated for effectiveness based on the attainment of English proficiency. If ELLs are not learning English, the program shall be changed to ensure greater success.
    6. The ELL shall be required to meet established academic standards and graduation requirements with accommodations as adopted by the Board.
    7. Students shall have access to and should be encouraged to participate in all academic and extracurricular activities available in the district.
    8. Communication with parents shall include information about assessment, academic achievement and other related education issues in the language understood by the parent, whenever possible.
    9. ESL programs and services to students attending private schools shall be provided only if, and only to the extent required by law.
  3. Procedures: The District shall include provisions for the LEP professional education for ESL teachers, classroom teachers of LEP students and new teachers in its professional development plan.

    The Superintendent, in consultation with the Board, shall:
    1. Establish and promulgate procedures for identification of students whose dominant language is not English.
    2. Implement and supervise an ESL program that meets the legal requirements for ESL program compliance.
    3. Develop (in conjunction with appropriate stakeholders) and disseminate written procedures regarding the ESL program including the following:
      1. Program goals
      2. Student enrollment procedures (i.e. Home Language Survey)
      3. Assessment procedures for program entrance, measuring progress in gaining English proficiency and program exiting
      4. Accommodations for English Language Learners (ELL) in the classroom
      5. Grading policies
      6. List of resources including support agencies and interpreters
      7. Participation in large-scale assessments or other standardized tests not specifically developed for ELLs.
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