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Meal Information


Meals are served daily in the cafeteria. The healthy meals are based on the National School Lunch Program standards. Menus are sent home to elementary school students every month and posted in the cafeteria. Monthly menus may also be viewed on the Upper Darby School District Web Site.


Paid full: Breakfast (All Grade Levels)- $1.00 Lunch:
$2.20 Elementary
$2.50 Middle School
$2.85 High School
Paid Reduced:  

Lunch: $0.40*
Breakfast: $0.30*

Free*: Yearly approved eligibility application needed  



  1. Pre-payment can be done the first day of the week,  after receiving a pre-payment envelope indicating low balance, or parents may set up an account on MySchoolBucks.com.
  2. Leftover money at the end of the school year will be carried over to the following year. Payments can be cash or money orders payable to UDSD Food Service Fund.


  • Students may charge up a certain dollar amount in unpaid meals ($6.50 Elementary, $7.50 Middle, $9.50 High School)
  • First and second time a paid or reduced student forgets llunch money, they will be provided a regular meal of his/her choide. A note from the cashier will be given to the student to take home.
  • Third time a paid or reduced student forgest lunch money, they will be given a regular meal of his/her choice and the cafeteria will alert the school. School will send note home with student reflecting amount owed.
  • After 3 meals/$6.50/$7.20/$9.50 accrued in debt, student will receive an approved alternative meal.
  • Every two weeks, Principals will receive lists of all students with an account balance.
  • Social worker referral should be issued when charges exceed maximum $6.50, $7.50, $9.50).
  • Continued unpaid charges and/or lack of response to Social Worker may result in CYS referral.   


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