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Message to Parents and Students

by grosenzweig



Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 School Year at Beverly Hills Middle School

Columbia Lions Team


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email at (grosenzweig@upperdarbysd.org) or phone at 610-626-9317 ext. 4428.

Please be ON TIME for school !!

Also, if your child needs extra help with their assignments, I'm available to assist them both before and/or after school.  Please remember, student's are required to have a pass to enter school prior to 7:50 am..


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Singing ensemble in an early morning practice!

by makane

Lesson 5

by eduffy

Lesson 5

We will work together to write sentences.  Remember that a sentence has a capital letter at the beginning, a period at the end and is made of a group of words that tell about something.  Encourage your student to speak in complete sentences, which will help to understand how to write a complete sentence.  We tend to write the way we speak!



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Week of 10/6: Finishing up the biological basis of behavior

by jdevlin

This week the Academic classes will have their chapter 3 test on Friday.


The accelerated class will have its test on chapter 2 next Tuesday.




Week of October 6, 2014- Lesson 5 (Review Week)

by sbenhaimbrady

We will have our first field trip this week!  On Wednesday, October 8, 2014 we will be going to the Art Museum!


Spelling-  ABC order

Vocabulary- Practice book page 18

Math- please check student's planner for math practice book page

Fluency- Math fluency sheet and reading log



Spelling- Sentences

Grammar- Grammar Practice book page 13

Math- please check student's planner for math practice book page

Fluency- Math fluency sheet and reading log



 Spelling- pyramid

Grammar- Grammar Practice book page 14

Math- please check student's planner for math practice book page

Fluency- Math fluency sheet and reading log



 Spelling- 3 times each

Grammar- Grammar Practice book page 15

Math- please check student's planner for math practice book page

Fluency- Math fluency sheet and reading log

Have a wonderful weekend!


Spelling Words- words with inflections -ed, -ing

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Classroom Schedule- Room 101

by jmcvey

Room 101 Schedule

Breakfast/Morning Work

RTI- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Block 1- Reading

Special 10:20-10:50

         Week A- Mon.- Gym/ Tues.- Art/  Wed.-Art/  Thu.- Music/  Fri.- No special

         Week B- Mon.- Library/ Tues.- Music/  Wed.- Gym/  Thu.- Art/  Fri.- Music 

Block 1- Reading


Recess/ Lunch 12:30-1:15


Small Group

Social Studies/ Science/ Health

Homework for the Week of 10/5/2014/ Week B

by jmcvey

Name:_______________________Room 101- Miss McVey

Homework for the week of 10/6/2014

All homework will be collected on Friday. Students should hand in their copybook with their tic-tac-toe activities and their folder which should include this packet.

Week B Specials- Mon.-Library,  Tues.–Music,  Wed. –Gym,  Thu.-Art,  Fri.-Music



Spelling- Complete one tic-tac-toe activity in copybook.

Math – p.   and        

Read fluency story three times

Parent signature:_______________________________


Spelling- Complete one tic-tac-toe activity in copybook.

Math- p.     and          

Read fluency story three times

Parent signature:_______________________________


Spelling- Complete one tic-tac-toe activity in copybook.

Math-p.     and

Read fluency story three times

Parent signature:_______________________________


Spelling- Complete one tic-tac-toe activity in copybook. Study for Spelling Test

Math- p.    and          

Read fluency story three times

Parent signature:_______________________________

Welcome to Room 101- 2nd Grade

by jmcvey

My name is Ms. McVey.  Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!  It is going to be a wonderful year!  This webpage is for the second grade classroom located in room 101 at Stonehurst Hills Elementary School.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  My email address is jmcvey@upperdarbysd.org and you can always leave a message with one of the secretaries at 610-626-9111.  I am looking forward to a great year!

Lesson 4

by eduffy

Lesson 4

While listening and responding to a read aloud, students will be asked to identify the characters in the text.  While reading, ask your kindergarten student to identify the characters.  If they are struggling, remind your child that characters are the people or animals in a story.  We will also add the word “the” to our word wall.  We will work to read and write this word independently.


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Homework week of 9/29

by bkearns

This is for all classes


Monday- page  40 from go math book


Tuesday- worksheet 2-1 A/B


Wed- No Hw MAP testing


Thur-   Worksheet 2-1  C


Fri- No HW

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by dmcdowell

Periods 1 & 2- page 58 #1-9 

Test on Module 2 on Thursday


Periods 3 & 4- No Hw Tuesday night

Continue working in Module 2...

Academic 9/29-10/3 2014

by mshay


Do Now: Journal Lies and Deception

Teach: Dramatic Exposition/Parts of Play

Read about Arthur Miller 

Read Dramatic Exposition and Fill out Paper

Finish for HW


Do Now: Vocabulary for Act 1 / 5 sentences

Teach Conflict 

Read Act 1 Aloud 

HW: Finish Act 1 packet 



Journal: What is the most appealing character in the play?

Who is the worst moral character? Who is the best moral character?

What are some prediction that may happen?

Teach: Allusion and Direct and Indirect Characterization

Read Act 2

Fill out Conflict Sheets 


Do Now: Vocabulary for Act 3 

Teach Irony -- use handouts 

Read Act 3 

Comprehension Questions - Finish for HW


Do Now: Journal: Would you die for your name? Is reputation something that can not be fixed? Give examples of people who never recovered their reputation and other who did? Would you lie for a friend like Elizabeth did?

Teach Tragedy and Tragic Hero

Read Act 4 Answer Open Book Test for HW


Do Now: Vocabulary for Good Night/Good Luck

2) Read p. 1240-1248

3) Teach political drama

4) Answer Selection Test


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Fire Poster Contest Winners!

by hghazzawi


1st Grade: Sam McManus-----2nd Place

2nd Grade: Isabella Hall----------2nd Place

5th Grade: Gia Caso----------1st Place

I am so proud of our awesome Hillcrest artists!

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Algebra 1 B Week of Sept 29th

by Guest

Week goals:  Solve systems of equations through substitution, elimination, and graphing.  Set up and solve word problems (real life situations) using systems of equations

Quiz will be on Sept 30th for solving systems

Quiz on Oct 3 for solving word problems


Monday and Tuesday:  Solve systems using all 3 methods

  Monday Homework :  Finish review packet

  Tuesday Homework:  work on Extra credit problems - due Friday


Wednesday through Friday:  Solve real life problems (word problems) using systems of equations

  Wednesday Homework:  P 456  # 37, 38, 41


  Thursday Homework:  Study packet for quest on Friday


  Friday Homework:  RTN Inequalities review

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Class Assignments Week of September 29, 2014

by ehenry

Class Assignments Week of September 29, 2014


Spelling- Each week the children will have a list of 15 words to practice and learn. Each Friday we will have a spelling test with those words as well as 5 bonus words. All of our words this week will have plurals –s, -es. The bonus words this week are families, libraries, brothers, packages, melodies.


Language Arts- The focus skill this week will be to locate information in a story. Our story this week is “Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut.” The Genre is a biography.


Writing- The students will continue to work on and edit their personal narratives. They will be adding precise verbs and sound words to their writing.


Math- We will finish Chapter 1, ”Addition and Subtraction Within 1000.” We will take our chapter test on Thursday.


Science- We will continue with our first Science unit, “Sound” this week. The students should study new science vocabulary every night. We will take our first science test on Tuesday.


*Important News

Congratulations to our first student of the month, Puneet Kaur! September’s theme was responsibility.


On Wednesday, October 1, 2014 the students will have an early dismissal at 12:30 due to a teacher inservice.




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Student of the Week - September 29

by eduffy

Congratulations to our Students of the Week!

Students are chosen based on our classroom rules.

1. Be the best learner you can be!

2. Be the best friend you can be!

3. Have fun!

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by kzee


 Welcome to the Quakers Team

for the

2014-2015 school year.


             We are very excited about this year and the opportunity to work with your student. We realize that middle school can be a challenging transition for many students and for some parents too. The teachers on the Quakers team are dedicated to your child’s growth academically and socially, and are here to support your child. It is very important to have consistent communication between the teachers, students, and parents/guardians and to work as a team to ensure that your student becomes an independent lifelong learner. Please look for important information coming in the Wednesday folder.  

The Quakers Team looks forward to a great year with your 6th grader here at Beverly Hills Middle School


Mrs. Kerri Zee

6th Grade 

Room 103 


610-626-9317 ext. 475


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Extra Help

by kzee

Students may make an appointment for additional help after school.  Help will be available most days Monday-Thursdays.  


by kzee

Below is a description of each chapter (unit) we will cover in math during the 6th grade year.  

Chapter 1 Overview:  Students compute & estimate with whole numbers.  They will evaluate powers and use the order of operations to evaluate expressions, including expressions that contain variables.  Students also solve equations using mental math and learn a problem -solving plan.

Chapter 2 Overview:  In this chapter, students measure lengths and find the perimeter and area of geometric figures.  They also find actual lengths from scale drawings.  They create and interpret frequency tables and line plots, and display it in bar graphs.  They plot points in the first quadrant to make line graphs.  Students also interpret circle graphs, and describe data using mean, median, mode, and range.

Chapter 3 Overview: Students will explore decimals.  They begin with place values to hundred-thousandths, and they model decimals using money & metric lengths.  Then order decimals using a number line, and round decimals.  Finally, they find the sum or difference of two decimals or of decimal and whole number.

Chapter 4 Overview: In this chapter, students continue to investigate decimals.  They start by using the distributive property and area models to develop skill in multiplying decimals.  They explore dividing decimals by whole numbers or by other decimals and then explore multiplying and dividing by powers of 10.  Students also use metric measurements for mass, capacity, and length.

Chapter 5 Overview: Students will use area models to find equivalent fractions, re-write decimals as fractions or mixed numbers.  Finally, they rewrite fractions as decimals and explore repeating decimals.

Chapter 6 Overview: In this chapter, students estimate sums and differences of fractions and mixed numbers.  They also add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.

Chapter 8 Overview: Students study ratios, rates, proportions, and percents.  They simplify and find equivalent ratios and rates, and they calculate and use unit rates.  They solve proportions formed by pairs of equal ratios and rates and they apply proportions to work with scale drawings.  They find a percent of a number in problems involving discounts, tax, and simple interest.

Chapter 10 Overview:  Students study to find area of polygons and solid figures and the circumference of circles.  They find the surface area and volume of solid figures and prisms.

Chapter 11 Overview:  Students will work with integers, positive and negative numbers.  They will compare, add, subtract, multiply and divide integers.  Students will also study translations on a coordinate plane.

Chapter 12 Overview:  Students will solve equations with variables.  The students will evaluate to determine the value of a variable by solving the equation using the opposite operations.  Students will solve equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Week of September 29, 2014

by jrosen

This week in LA on the Gladiator Team...


Monday, 9.29.14

Classwork:      Unit One Spelling Pre-Test and Activities

Homework:     Unit One Spelling Story due tomorrow; Unit One Spelling HW due Friday; Unit One Spelling Test on Friday


Tuesday, 9.30.14

Classwork:      Close Reading Introduction

Homework:     "The Dinner Party" vocabulary worksheet


Wednesday, 10.1.14

Classwork:        Close Reading Introduction

Homework:       work on and study spelling


Thursday, 10.2.14

Classwork:      Close Reading Introduction

Homework:     Unit One Spelling HW due and Test tomorrow


Friday, 10.3.14

Classwork:      Unit One Spelling Test and Close Reading Introduction

Homework:      Have a fantastic weekend!

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