• Monday 12/9 8th Grade Map Testing

    Tuesday 12/10 8th Grade Map testing

    Wednesday 12/11 Book Study

    Thursay 12/12 Book Study/Early dismissal

    Friday 12/13 Book Study

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  • conference sign up CLICK HERE

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  • Please click on the attachment to sign up for conferences. I would love to talk about your son or daughters progress in class and get to meet you.



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  • 11/13 Report Cards are sent home.

    Wednesday- Crossword puzzle on Lost Cities

    Thursday- Creating Cornell Notes for the Reading

    Friday- Reading Comprehension Quiz

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  • Monday 11/4- Taking out essential information from complex text.

    Tuesday 11/5- Election day! no school for students

    Wednesday 11/6- Guided Reading and questions

    Thursday 11/7- Outine the main theme and give 3 supporting details

    Friday 11/8- Write a summary of the section

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  • Monday- Mohandas K. Gandhi CLOZE notes with slides

    Tuesday-Gandhi 8 question Multiple choice Quiz after the reading.

    Wednesday- Gandhi 3 Short answer and 1 summary question after the reading.

    Thursday-Readworks assignment with multiple choice and summary

    Friday-Test Corrections and non-fiction graphic organizer

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  • Monday 10/7:summarize the reading on the Amazon Rain Forest and describe why we should care about its demise.

    Tuesday  10/8: Read the power of the people and list ways in which we can help do our part to make our environment better.

    Wednesday 10/9: QUIZ Multiple Choice

    Thursday 10/10: QUIZ continued short answer

    Friday: Reading of the book loser by Jerry Spinelli

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  • Agenda:

    Monday: Literary Analysis on the short story, "My First Free Summer."

    Tuesday: Discover the Authors Purpose. Reading Skill: the author's purpose is the reason that the author writes. What is the author's purpose for writing this essay?

    Wednesday: Writing- write a ltter to the young Julia Alvarez, describing what it is like to go to school in the United States. Answer the questions on page 73 to help you write your letter.

    Thursday: Listening and Speaking: Interview

    complete a outline to prepare for your intervew.

    Friday: Vocabulary warm up on page 74 and reading an exceprt from Angela's Ashes answering comprehension questions.

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  • Agenda for this week September 16-20th

    **Homework for the week- Detailed outline of chapter with Tier 2 Vocabulary words

    Monday- read a home for wildlife page 28, Define Key Vocabulary terms such as amphibians, muskrats, shellfish beds.. Create a graphic organizer of endangered species of the wetlands

    Tuesday- read "a help for humans" on page 29. Define key vocabualry terms such as erosion, nontoxic and laboratories. Create a detailed outline extrapolating 3 pieces of essential information.

    Wednesday- We will make connections whole reading "saving the wetland" and ways to learn mre on page 30 and 31. We will use Cornell Style Notes when creating notes for this reading.

    Thursday: We will read "What you can do" and "what you should not do" we will then create a list and discuss with the class about ways we can conserve. 

    Friday: GRIT RUN! we will read the book "loser" by Jerry Spinelli

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  • 9/8/19

    Last week we previewed the selection and made connections while we read. This week we will focus on summarizing the text. 

    Monday- we will finish our Comprehension multiple choice and short answer assessment.

    Tuesday- We will create a problem-solution graphic organizer

    Wednesday & Thursday- We will write a summary of the reading  "John Todd's machine"

    Friday- Preview the section of "Are we wasting our wetlands?"

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Mr. John Power



Degrees and Certifications:

ELA 7-12 SS 7-12

Mr. John Power

My name is Mr. Power and I will be your child’s Reading Intervention teacher this year at BHMS. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Beverly Hills community. This is my first year at Upper Darby School District, but I have been an educator for over 14 years.  For the past six years I have worked in the city of Philadelphia teaching reading intervention and social studies. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work within the Upper Darby School District as a reading interventionist. I find it to be one of the most essential classes offered. In this class I will pin-point strengths and weaknesses of each individual student in order to make the improvements needed for your child to be more successful academically. 

As a reading interventionist we will be using a program called “Read for Real.” Read for real is a non-fiction reading comprehension program designed to help improve students' reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. When students improve their overall reading ability, then they will see marked improvement across all other academic classes as well! 

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