Pre-Payment Procedures

  • Pre-payment charges are accepted in all of the schools throughout the School District. Cash transactions are accepted, as well.  Please note, due to the CEP program, all breakfast and lunch meals are free.  Money is only needed for a la carte and second meal purchases.

    Frequently asked questions

    How does it work and what about information confidentiality of the system?
    All students in the School District have an account based on their Student ID Number. The parent sends in money to be placed in the student’s account in advance to total a week, month or what funds your budget permits. Money for pre-paid accounts should be sent to school with the student in a sealed envelope.  The envelope must include the student's name, ID number, classroom number, and the amount enclosed. Envelopes are collected in the morning and given directly to the kitchen cashier.  The Pre-payment System uses the Student ID as pin # and will quickly access the account.  This system will automatically deduct the amount from the account.  The money on account can be used to purchase additional lunch meals, as well as a la carte menu items. When an account balance is running low, the student will be notified by the cashier.  

    How does my child use the Computer System?
    The computer now replaced the cash register. Your child will select the food items of his or her choice and computer payment keypad will be at the end of the serving line. There are two ways to pay (pre-payment or cash). For pre-paid accounts (including accounts receiving meal benefits), students may enter on a pin-pad their 5 or 7 digit Student ID number. This process will bring their account on the screen. The cashier will key in the food item a student has selected. The computer will calculate the balance and no cash is exchanged. 

    How do I know that my child is the only one using the account?
    The system records what is purchased and will notify the cashier in the computer screen that the account has been entered more than once.

    Who do I call with questions about this payment system? 

    If you have any questions regarding this system, please contact Aramark at 610-622-7000, etc. 2345.


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