Cafeteria Prices

  • ALL breakfast and lunch meals are free for every student.  Additional a la carte prices are listed below.  Milk and juice may also be included in the free complete meal.

    Parents should provide students with money daily. We encourage students to participate in the UDSD Meal Pre-Payment Account System to speed up the service and eliminate the standing and searching for money in the cafeteria line.

    Second Meal Lunch Prices
    Elementary $2.40
    Middle School/High School




    White, Chocolate, or Strawberry $.30

    A La Carte Prices - Posted in Cafeterias

    Elementary A La Carte Prices

    Ice Cream (Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Éclair, Cry Babies) $1.00
    Scooby - Doo Fruit Snacks $0.60
    Reduced Fat Doritos, chips, pretzels $0.60
    Apple Juice $0.60
    Orange Juice $0.60