Curriculum & Instruction Administration

  • Christine Kelley, Director of Curriculum

  • Greg Manfre, Director of Secondary Education

  • Frank Salerno, Director of Elementary Education

Supervisors of Curriculum & Instruction

  • Elisabeth Riches, Supervisor of Science, Family & Consumer Science, and Health & Physical Education

  • Catherine Kania, Supervisor of Social Studies, Art, Music, and Library

  • Robert Schwartz, Supervisor of Mathematics, Business, and Technology Education

  • Susan Ortley, Supervisor of English Language Arts, Reading, and World Languages

Curriculum & Instruction Coaches

  • Leanna Chrisidis

  • Matthew Downing

  • Michele Feehery

  • Alyse Gonzalez

  • Kelly Mantzaridis

  • Maureen Mylotte

  • Macie Basom

  • Jillian Farley

  • Shawn Lavin

  • Joanna Mulholland

  • Erin Carafides

  • Carrie Chaitt

Curriculum & Instruction Administrative Assistants

  • Robin Fennelly, Assistant to the Directors of Secondary and Elementary Education