1. What does my child need for class?

    In addition to the enVision textbook, I recommend that your child have a notebook for MATH ONLY and a pencil each day for class.  A well-kept notebook is a child’s greatest resource.  Students will be allowed to use the notebook for some tests.  


    1. What kind of calculator should I buy?  

    The middle schools in UDSD use the TI-30 X IIS.   It’s cost is anywhere from $8 to $14 depending on the store where you purchase it.  DO NOT get talked into any other model. This calculator uses the function buttons that are necessary for middle school.  A calculator with more functions than needed serves to be more of a problem.


    1.  What can I expect for homework?

    Homework assignments will not be assigned daily.  Students will have access to a full online textbook and several additional resources (practice quizzes, tutorial videos and more) for reinforcement and practice at home.


    1.  How do you grade?

    I grade class participation/preparedness, classwork, and assessments (tests & quizzes).  The points will be recorded into the Home Access Center-grading portal daily.  By checking HAC you will have insight as to how your child performed and presented himself/herself in class and throughout the week. The classwork points offer the student a wonderful grade advantage if their tests fall below expectations. 


    1.  Are you available to help the students?

    Yes, I am available for help EVERY morning from 7:45 - 8:15 AM.  That does not mean that you have to come in at 7:45 AM but it does mean that after 8:15 AM there usually is not enough time to assist with a problem.


    1.  Am I able to access the enVision math textbook online?

    Yes!  I am happy to share that we will have access to the online textbook for the enVision math curriculum. Please use the link below for access to the Pearson Realize platform. This link is also available on the UDSD website.  See specific directions for accessing the online textbook from the "Home Access for Curriculum" tab on my website.



    1.  Am I able to access my child's grades online?

    Yes!  You have full access to your child's grades via our online grading portal-Home Access Center.  The link to Home Access Center is located on the UDSD website.


    Your child’s success in math is very important to me.  My goal is that every child will have the opportunity to learn in an environment where he/she will excel.  From past experience I know that if we work together your child will soar.  As always I am only an email away.  Feel free to contact me any time!  estewart@upperdarbysd.org