• Mr. Tierney




    Course Description


    Seventh grade English Language Arts is the study of skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will develop comprehension and communication skills. Students will develop reading strategies that they will be required to apply during independent and classroom reading. Students will use the writing process to communicate effectively and efficiently.




    This course will foster students’ ability to read critically, write effectively, and communicate efficiently, providing the foundation for career opportunities.


    Course Outline


    Unit 1- Fiction

    • Short Stories
    • Descriptive Writing
    • Narrative Writing

    Unit 2- Nonfiction

    • Nonfiction articles
    • Expository Writing
    • Persuasive Writing

    Unit 3- Poetry and Novel

    • Poetic Forms
    • Novel- “Walk Two Moons”, “Shakespeare Stealer”, or “Freak the Mighty”

    Unit 4- Drama

    • Plays
    • Dramatic performances

    Unit 5- Mythology and Folk Tales

    • Myths and Folk Tales from around the world
    • Research Paper




    Homework will be posted on classroom.google.com as well as my teacher webpage.

    Students use district created ids and passwords.



    Grading Scale


    A+   100-98

    B+   89-87

    C+   79-77

    D+   69-67

    Failing Grade

    A       97-93

    B     86-83

    C     76-73

    D     66-63


    A-     92-90

    B-   82-80

    C-   72-70

    D-   62-60






    Students submitting work up to ten school days late without prior approval may receive up to two grades lower on the work than they would have received if the work had been submitted on time (i.e., B+ lowered to a D+). Student work submitted after ten school days without prior approval shall not be accepted for credit and shall be recorded with a score of zero. Upon returning to school after an absence, a student has the responsibility within the number of days equal to the length of the absence or suspension to meet with the teacher to develop a plan for making up missed work, quizzes, and examinations.