5th Grade Curriculum

  • 5th Grade General Information


    Grade 5 Curriculum

    • Responsive Classroom-Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc.
    • Language Arts: Into Reading (which includes Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar)
      • HMH School Publishers
    • Math: Go Math Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    • Social Studies:History Alive!
    • Science:
      • Microworlds
      • Ecosystems
      • Motion & Design



    • PSSA- Reading, Mathematics 
    • MAP Testing- 3x year



    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. On average, homework should take about fifty minutes. If the student’s finish their homework before fifty minutes is up, we suggest some special time for reading. Your signature is required each evening in the planner. Please use the planners for sending messages back to us.



    Birthdays will be celebrated during the school year. Children may bring in a birthday treat, however, due to the demands of our curriculum we needed to revisit our birthday policy. The only treats we will be able to have are Munchkins, brownies, pretzels or cookies. These foods are easy to hand out and do not involve a lot of time. We appreciate your cooperation with this new policy.



    The children will follow the rules of the classroom and school. If they are not following the rules, they will be responsible for their actions. Please refer to the new Primos Student Handbook for the new policies.



    When your child is absent he or she is expected to make up the work they missed. If your child will be out for more than a few days, we will be happy to gather their assignments. If they are only going to be absent for a day, we will have them get the work when they return. The school also needs an absence note when your child is returning to school.



    All tests, quizzes and assignments will no longer receive numerical grades. They have been replaced with proficiency levels. Grades will be determined by averaging test scores, quizzes, homework and daily assignments, with due consideration to the level and quality of class participation. The proficiency levels are as follows:

                                                          Advanced             90-100%

                                                          Proficient              75-89%

                                                          Basic                    50-74%

                                                          Below Basic           0-49%