• February

    Middle School

    *Students are using MATH Magazine/ Front Row/Duolingo for warmups. 

    1. Weekly reading Scope Magazine:   identifying theme, making connections to other examples with similar theme, identifying the elements of suspense. 

    6th  Just completed their Geneology rap.  Check out the video 6th grade Rap   6th grade project video 

    Food Truck Project:  Students are working together to develop a menu, prices, truck design, and targeted areas to sell.

     7th/8th Grade: 

    7th grade: 

    8th grade Park Planner:  Design a rec park for a housing developing following given parameters.





    *Students are Dynamath as their warm up. Working on various skills that focus in the areas of measurement and data, number operations, algebraic concepts, geometry, and problem solving.


    Kindergarten:  Weather, and Special Valentines Heart Lesson:  learning how hard your heart works, and what it does when it beats.


    4th and 5th:  STEM Project Maglev Trains.  Students are researching magnetic levitation trains.  They can chose from a number of project to present their findings.



    2nd and 3rd Grade:    STEM Project:  Monarch Butterfly Migration Research.

    Push in classes

     Bywood:  Multiplying Fractions.