• January-March

    Middle School

    *Students are using MATH Magazine/ Front Row/Duolingo for warmups. 

    1. Weekly reading Scope Magazine:   identifying theme, making connections to other examples with similar theme, identifying the elements of suspense. 

    6th  : Studying the history of space exploration.  Making a timeline.   Constructing and launching straw rockets.  Constructing model rockets.

    7th:  Studying flight.  Constructing paper airplanes, using the scientific method to test the design that flies the farthest.

    8th: CSI Crime Scene investigation basics:  learning about evidence, careers in CSI, criminal terms, conducting experiments in finger printing, dna sampling from a strawberry, using knowledge and deductive reasoning skills to solve hypothetical crimes.





    *Students are Dynamath as their warm up. Working on various skills that focus in the areas of measurement and data, number operations, algebraic concepts, geometry, and problem solving.

     1st Grade: Module Project:  make an invention based on an animal adaptations or characteristic

    2nd grade:  Fairy Tales Around the World, Fractured Fairy Tales, writing your own fractured fairy tale.

    3rd grade: Ocean Zones, and the animal kingdom that lives there.  Pick a zone and create a product of choice to show its habitat.

    4th grade: Mythology:  Learning about Greek, Roman, and Norse Gods and Goddesses.  Create a Class Newspaper highlighting these gods and goddesses. 

    5th grade: Environment:   Become a Snow Ranger:  Learn about how to take care of and have fine of our forest, and natural areas in the winter.  Create a mini avalanche, make your own snow shoes, learn about animal tracks, and adaptations.  Send away for an official Junior Ranger Certificate.