Practice & Meet Calendar

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    • Our class code for Remind is @bhtrack.


    • Practice is mandatory.
    • Practice starts at 3pm every day.
    • Any athlete who misses workouts before a meet will not attend the upcoming meet.
    • You must notify Ms. Rush or Mr. Butler if you know you will miss practice.
    • A note is needed to excuse an absence.


    • Academics come first.
    • Stay after school to get extra help from a teacher.
    • See your teachers to make up missing work.
    • Come late to practice with a pass signed by a teacher.
    • Check your grades online.


    • Only athletes that are passing their academic classes may attend track meets.
    • Athletes failing a class will need to complete make up work until they are passing.
    • Weekly emails will be sent to your teachers about your grades and behavior.


    • Inform Ms. Rush or Mr. Butler when you receive a detention from a teacher.
    • Inform Ms. Rush or Mr. Butler when you receive a referral from an administrator.
    • Remember that honesty is always best!
    • Fighting can result in an immediate removal from the team.


    • You are representing the team in and out of athletics, including the classroom, cafeteria and hallways.
    • There is nothing you can do in this building that Ms. Rush & Mr. Butler won’t find out about. Think before you act!