• About the Course

    The 7th grade social studies is a course in which students take an interactive survey of the beginnings of the human story. Through examination of historical events and as they explore the great early civilizations of Egypt and the Near East, India, China, Greece, and Rome. Students will discover the secrets of these ancient cultures that continue to influence the modern world. By linking the past to the present, students develop an appreciation of and understanding of ancient cultures.


    Timeline of History

    • Early Humans & the Rise of Civilization
      • Chapters 1-5
    • Ancient Egypt & the Middle East
      • Chapters 7, 8, 9, & 11
    • Ancient Greece
      • Chapters 26-30
    • Ancient Rome
      • Chapters 32-34


    Responsibility & Preparation 

    1. Come prepared with all the required materials for the day. Don't be late!
    2. Be respectful of all classmates. There will be no tolerance of disrespect or bullying of any kind. All school rules will be followed.
    3. Work should be turned in on its due date. Lake work will lose points on a per-day-late basis. 


     Policy for Absences & Grades

    Work assignments will be updated weekly (warm-ups/exit cards, participation, and quizzes). Please check grades regularly and feel free to ask me any questions that you might have about a particular grade.

    If you are absent, you are responsible for completing your make-up work (one day for make-up for each day absent).

    All make-up work will be placed in your classes absent folder and your name will be written on any work you missed. It is your responsibility to ask a classmate or me for help on making up any interactive notebook assignments (you can always borrow my notebook), and/or to meet with Mr. Toombs to make up any tests, quizzes or papers.

    If you know you are going to be absent beforehand, you should ask me for your make-up work before the absence.

    This can be done before or after school or via e-mail.


    Food and Drink Policy 

    In general, food and drinks are allowed in my class. This is contingent on it not becoming a distraction in class, and as long as students can handle the responsibility. This policy is subject to change at my discretion, and at any time.


    Electronic Device Policy

    Electronic devices should not be out during class, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher or with permission.