• REWARDS Plus Science


    What is REWARDS Plus?

             * Reading Excellence Word Attack and Rate Development Strategies

             * A reading intervention program designed for intermediate and secondary students (grades 4-12). This program provides a proven strategy in which students can improve their fluency and increase their reading comprehension, while also focusing on vocabulary and writing.


    Review lessons 1-6 are dedicated to reviewing the skills taught in REWARDS.


    Application Lessons 1-15 – use before, during, and after reading strategies to improve students’ comprehension

    1. Ecosystems
    2. Plants
    3. Energy & Matter Moving Through the Ecosystems
    4. Food Preservation
    5. The Cardiovascular System
    6. Heart Transplants
    7. Viruses
    8. Antoni van Leeumenhoek – The Father of Microbiology
    9. Atoms
    10. Rachel Carson, Famous Naturalist
    11. Deep-Sea Vents
    12. Earthquakes
    13. Weather
    14. Tropical Rainforests
    15. Oil Spills