• Welcome to 7th Grade General Music!


    What are we going to learn?


    History of Music - Students will get a survey of famous composers starting from the Baroque Era through the Romantic Era. 

    Keyboards - Students will brush up on the skills learned in 6th grade keyboard lab and learn new ones through playing familiar and new songs.

    Bucket Drumming - Students will learn proper drumming technique, practice playing rhythms as a group and independently, and work at their own pace to earn "karate belts" by performing short rhythmic pasterns at increasing levels of difficulty.


    What can I see on this page?


    Lesson Plans - Weekly lesson plans will be uploaded onto the "This Week in General Music" section of this website. This chart will show you what you/your student will be learning in class this week, and notes about upcoming assessments.


    Bucket Karate - Under this section you can view all the belt levels as well as the rubric and instructions on how to submit a video to earn you belts.


    If you have any questions feel free to email me at LBassett@upperdarbysd.org