• Welcome to 7th Grade General Music!


    What are we going to learn?


    History of Music - Students will get a survey of famous composers starting from the Baroque Era through the Romantic Era. 

    Keyboards - Students will brush up on the skills learned in 6th grade keyboard lab and learn new ones through playing familiar and new songs.

    Note and Rhythm Reading - Students will learn to read musical notation, apply it to playing keyboards and various forms of percussion. Students will also compose rhythmic and melodic compositions in class. 


    What can I see on this page?


    Overview of the Musical Quarter - An overview of what students will be doing over the course of music class broken down into biweekly learning content areas. 


    Helful Websites- Struggling with lines and spaces, and other musical concepts, go here for some additional help!



    If you have any questions feel free to email me at LBassett@upperdarbysd.org