•  We will be completing HW together in school the week of September 3rd....this will be practice time for the students and allow them to ask any questions.



    Homework for the week will always be written in their planner. 

    Parents should review and sign planner every night. 


    ****Homework is checked every Friday morning.  Please be sure all assigned work is completed by Friday.  



    1. Complete nightly spelling activity listed on spelling HW paper.

    (This paper will be in their HW folder)


    2. Complete nightly math page.

    (This page will reflect what was taught in class that day)


    Each night your child should:

    --study spelling words for test on Friday

    --study the additional words: focusing on the meaning of each word only.  (Students are only tested on weekly spelling words)

    --read quietly or with an adult for 10 minutes


    During the school year:

    --Science vocabulary will be sent home to study for quiz/tests

    --Students will make and present an instrument for our Sound unit


    --Social Studies study guides will be sent home to study for tests

    --Students will make & present a project on one of our Presidents



    --Math papers with facts will be studied at home

        (addition, subtraction, multiplication)