•               In Literature Navigator, my goal for my students is to improve their MAPS Test scores so they can move out of interventions into electives.  Daily we will be working on increasing their vocabulary with a Word of the Day Vocabulary Warm-up. They also will be reading silently for 10 minutes every class.  To me, reading is extremely important and will be doing this in all of my classes because I feel reading is a skill every person can always improve, no matter how well you read.

                  Since this is an intervention, all work will be completed in class except for Whooo's Reading which is a website I would like all students to go and enter books they are reading and write questions to myself and classmates in regards to the books and whether or not other classmates have read the same books.  This website is an online website that will be monitored by myself and will be the only homework I will require of them during the entire time they are in my class, which I hope to get them out of and into an elective. Grade points will be given for participation and deducted if no participation is done. I will check daily and points will be added and deducted from what I see on the website.


                     Each student will be assigned a Chrome Book to use in class to go onto the Mobey Max website which is an individualized system to help each student where they need the help.  It is a system where i am able to monitor the class while they are on the site and can see what they are or are not doing.  It will assist them with Vocabulary, Reading Non-Fiction, Reading Comprehension, abd quizzes them on the information they learn on the site.  The students begin with a placement test on the computer so that no one is embarrassed in front of other students because they are each on their own journey.


                      As the year goes on, we will continue to test and monitor their progress so that parents will know where their student is and how they are doing.





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