•                  In Youth Court, the students will learn every job in a court case and be able to hold cases of their peers here at Beverly Hills.  Every case is confidential, so no one is able to speak about a case they are working on outside of the classcoom (courtroom).  The students will be trained in the running of the court, the responsibilities of a juror, the Jury Foreperson, the Court Reporter, the job of the student advocate(defense attorney), the responsibilities of the Judge, the job as the Bailiff, and how a Respondent(Accused) should be respected and questioned.


                      We will start holding real cases from the Lead Teachers for students who agree to go before the Youth Court instead of getting Administrative Detentions and hurting their Permanent Records and Transcripts. These cases will start mid October and run throughout the rest of the school year.  


                        Again, I most strongly emphasize that each case is confidential, so please don't ask your student what case they are working on while they are in court.  They can tell you what the case is, but not who it is and what the outcome is.  Each student will be bringing home a confidentiality letter that they must sign and you must sign so that they may take part in the cases that come before them in Youth Court.  They will not be allowed to speak of them out of class (court) or they will be asked to leave the elective and be placed in a different one.  It is extremely important to respect other students and their right to confidentiality.







                                                                                                                                 Judge Gavel