• September News

    We are busy in room 102 getting to know each other through team building activities. Students' materials needed to be in on Monday, September 9 so that we can begin our daily classwork assignments. Our Back to School Night is Thursday, September 12 from 6:00 to 8:00 with doors opening at 5:30 with pizza and drinks being served. We hope to see you there.  

  • November News



             The busy month of November flew by.... LA classes in room 102 were busy working hard on the elements of plot, the 8 parts of speech, the two types of conflict, and working on understanding the importance of reading every day and completing their reading logs and homework. We have been analyzing and interpreting vocabulary words and figurative language. Students have been practicing making inferences, reading between the lines, drawing conclusions and backing up their answers with evidence from the story. Students have been writing in their journals and are working on a autobiographical narrative. The schedule changed for our conferences. Thanks to everyone who attended and then followed by the Thanksgiving holiday break. Please be sure your student is reading every day. Growing as readers is so important to their success across the curriculum. Be sure to look for the progress reports every oher Friday as well as checking your students work and grades on HAC.  

  • Week of October 22 to October 26, 2018

    Students need to have their notebooks, pencils and completed assignments evryday in class. This week our book report project, "Breakfast for Your Head" is due Wednesday, October 24. I have supplied cereal boxes as well as paper and supplies for students to complete the project. Students need to complete their "Stray" assessment. We are going to the library for students to check out books for their daily reading logs. It is important that our students read each night. We are starting a new story ,"Drive-In Movies" by Gary Soto. Students will be working on their skill to make predictions and read ahead to verify their predictions. Students will be able to identify the point of view as well. There will be a spelling and vocabulary test  on the Stray words on Friday. This Friday is our Fall Festival Rewards Day for all students on status.It is an afternoon of activities to reward our students. 

  • Week of October 15 through October 19

    We are busy this week as students are working each day on their skills. We are practicing with our Daily Edits, reviewing parts of speech, punctuation and spelling. The students will be role playing our story, taking on roles of parent and child. The child finds a stray and tries to convince the parent to let the dog stay. We continue to follow our daily agenda that includes journal writing as well as classwork that reviews terms and literary devices. We will complete the story "Stray" and students will be assessing their skills at week's end. Homework is important practice of the work we do in class. READ,READ, READ...students need to do this every day.

  • Week of October 8 to October 12, 2018

    We will be off on Monday. We have an early out on Thursday.

    Students will getting the "Stray" spelling and vocabulary list which they will be using for this week and next week. Students  will be reviewing parts of speech which are important tools for writing and understanding what they are reading. Students will be writing in their journals and starting to collect ideas for the stories they will be writing in class. We will be critically thinking as our warm-ups are anagrams -  challenging brain teasers. In addition, students will be completing daily edits where they need to identify the mistakes in the sentence then make the necessary corrections. After the warm-up and the journal entry, students work in the classwork section of their notebooks with a daily review of literary terms and figurative language which the students need to analyze and interpret their meaning. I am stressing the importance of choosing challenge. Yes, it is hard work to grow and improve your skills. Please be sure our students are reading every day!! Practice makes perfect! 

  • Week of October 1 through October 5, 2018

    Room 102 LA students are giving their best effort as we will complete the story "Greyling" and the nonfiction "My Heart Belongs to the Highlands" both by Jane Yolen. Students will make predictions, revise their predictions as they read, and verify their predictions. They will continue their work on understanding the elements of fiction, nonfiction, vocabulary, figurative language, grammar, using their prior knowledge to make predictions, speaking and listening (a challenge for sure) skills.

    Progress reports are coming home on Friday as well as a book report project "Breakfast for Your Head" handout with step by step directions. Students will be going to the library on Wednesday to borrow books to fill their reading logs as well as reading a fiction book for their book report. ...READ, READ, READ, READ.

  • Week of 9/17/18 to 9/21/18

    My students are working hard giving their best effort in analyzing, interpreteing and understanding elements of fiction, nonfiction, vocabulary, figurative langauge, predictions,genre, speaking and listening skills. This week we continued to work on following the daily agenda beginning with a Daily Edit, resonding to uor journal and review work in classwork. We reveiewed parts of speech, puncuation and spelling. The students were guided through the short story  "Greyling". Due to MAP testing on Thursday and Friday during period 1 and 2 our plans were interrupted and delayed due to students missing my class. Our spelling test was rescheduled until next week due to the MAP testing.Keep encouraging sudents to complete homwork on time and READ! Log it to get points.