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  • Our bridge engineers are hard at work this week with our Bridge Challenge.  Students are working in teams to build the strongest K'NEX bridge while staying within a "budget" (each piece has a cost attached to it, like steel and concrete materials would in real life).  We will be testing them later in the week so stay tuned to find who takes the crown!


  • This week we are continuing our exploration of how games are designed and built.  Using are learning how computer animations work and are applied those skills to their animation project.


  • This week our team is focusing on the research necessary to support our Future City essay requirements.  This research will also lead us towards finalizing our model city design, which we hope to begin in the next week. Finally, near the end of the week we will also explore using recycled materials to create certain pieces for our city model.


    Please help us with building our city model by having your child bring in rinsed and dried plastic recyclable materials: soda and shampoo bottles, plastic containers, etc.