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Technology - Coding

  • A new week is here and the students are getting their code on!


    The students will begin working on Conditional codes, which are basically rules that certain parts of a game or app must obey. Conditionals make programming easier for a number of reasons, but it can take time to fully understand how to implement them. Fortunately, the students will get plenty of practice this week!



    Time to get our hands dirty this week!

    Students will first be finishing our intro project that focuses on building affordable safe housing. Then students will work together to take apart various old electronic devices (printers, monitors, laptops, VCRs, etc) and harvest the components to use for our Future City model.

    For more info on what the national Future City competition is, please visit: www.futurecity.org

    Please help us with building our city model by having your child bring in rinsed and dried plastic recyclable materials: soda and shampoo bottles, plastic containers, etc., as well as any old electronic devices you may not want anymore.