• Merry Christmas


    I m a huge fan of the holiday season!  In class, we will be using holiday traditions of many cultures to learn to pull details from non-fiction texts.  Please feel free to share any family or cultural fraditions that you have in your family.  Sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste only help to make information more concrete in our minds so that we retain it better than if we just read it.   I will be sharing traditions from both my family which is German/English and my husband's family who is very strongly Pennsylvania Dutch.   I love to use what we know to help us learn more about our fellow cultures that we interact with on a daily basis.




    Christmas Carols

    I decorate both my home and my classroom and love Christmas music and it will be played from now until the new year.  If there are any issues, please reach out and I will try to "rein in" my Christmas enthusiasm! 



    As usual, there is no scheduled homework, but at any time students are ALWAYS able to go on to Moby Max and work on their weaknesses in Language, Vocabulary,  & Text Dependent Analysis.  My goal is to move your student from intervention to an elective of their choice.