• March 29, 2020

    Dear Parents and Students,


    I just can’t even believe all of this…it is like we are living in a science fiction movie! 


    The link below is an outline of my educational plan for this week as well as directions and videos for accessing each of our digital platform resources. 


    Week of March 30


    IMPORTANT:  Students must log-in to Schoology daily!

    I will be posting announcements in Schoology detailing student work for each day with videos to help guide student focus and learning. Don’t forget to check out my morning messages! 


    Students will be assigned math work on Tuesday, March 31st and Thursday, April 2.  In order to receive credit and be marked as present for the week, work must be finished by FRIDAY, APRIL 4 at 3:00 PM


    All work MUST be completed on our Pearson Realize digital platform.  I will check Pearson Realize for progress and classwork grades will be generated based on completion of assignments (just as I usually do in school). 


    This week our focus is on section 8-2 (Summarize Data Using Mean, Median, and Mode).  Good news is that we got a sneak peak of this section prior social distancing! 


    Peek at Next Week:


    SPRING BREAK – April 6th – April 10th


    Flexible Learning will be on hold during the week of spring break.  Who knows what is in store for us after that.  I’ll be in touch when a plan has been established!


    I hope you can find some time to relax and enjoy time with your families.    


    I miss you!  Stay safe and be healthy!


    Warm regards,

    Elinor Stewart

    6th Grade Mathematics

    Drexel Hill Middle School





    The curriculum can be accessed from a cell phone or a home computer, but the student needs to be logged into his/her UDSD Gmail account using his/her UDSD credentials.   


    You can add an account at myaccount.google.com.  Click the letter/initial at the top of the account screen - select "add account".  The student will be able to add his/her school district Gmail address here.  


    The student should follow the attached directions for accessing pearsonrealize.com using the EasyBridge Plus & Auto Sign-In.  They do not reenter their account information!  At the next screen (Where Are You From) they type Upper Darby School District and "Go".  From there they select their UDSD email address (if other Gmail accounts exist on their home computer). They will be directed to the enVision textbook and resources.