• Introducing the National Geographic Learning Framework

    The National Geographic World History: Great Civilizations (Ancient Through Early Modern Times) program is one of the first products to feature National Geographic Learning Framework. The Learning Framework is an educational foundation based on research and perspectives from diverse fields of knowledge. It recognizes the distinct core principles and focus areas established at National Geographic along with the values held by families, communities, educators, and cultures.

    The Learning Framework provides a common language that defines learning alone three dimensions: the Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge (A.S.K.) of "explorers" of all types, from National Geographic Explorers, featured in this World History program, to curious students exploring the world around them. The Learning Framework provides a way to ensure that educators, parents, and the National Geographic Society are working toward common learning goals, and informs how we measure the impact of National Geographic products and resources. 


    National Geographic Students are Explorers!



    • Curious and adventurous
    • Responsible for others and the natural world
    • Empowered and persistent in the face of challenges


    • Observe the world around them
    • Communicate effectively through language and media
    • Work effectively with others
    • Solve problems they encounter