• Week of 12/16


    8th Grade

    This week, 8th grade will complete and present a project about various tourist attractions in a Spanish speaking country of their choice. They will also have time to complete any sections of the midterm they may have missed last week. 


    7th Grade

    This week, 7th grade will comtinue to talk about chapter 3 of "Así se dice" with a focus on the chapter grammar. They will conjugate regular -ar verbs and talk about the contractions "al" and "del". They will have a quiz on this grammar later in the week. 


    6th Grade

    This week, 6th grade will talk about food and drinks in Spanish. In addition to this, they will also talk about - and act out - a scene set in a restaurant, using menus they will create beforehand.



    Week of 12/9


    8th Grade

    This week, 8th grade will review for the midterm on Monday and Tuesday. The midterm will be split into three sections on the following days:

    Wednesday, 12/11: Writing

    Thursday, 12/12: Listening

    Friday, 12/13: Reading


    7th Grade

    This week, 7th grade will finish talking about the vocabulary for chapter 3 and take a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday (12/10). They will end the week with an introduction to the chapter grammar.


    6th Grade

    This week, 6th grade will talk about parts of the body, face, and hair, as well as learn some basic words to describe others. 


    Upcoming Tests and Quizzes


    8th Grade: Chapter 1-5 Midterm (Wednesday, 12/11 – Friday, 12/13)


    7th Grade: Chapter 3 Grammar Quiz (Thursday, 12/19)


    6th Grade: N/A

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