• The Upper Darby School District has homework policies set for every grade. 

    Grades 1 & 2 

    Each student will be assigned homework four (4) nights per week for no more than a total of thirty (30) minutes on each of the four (4) nights. 

    • Language and/or Spelling: 3 nights for 10 minutes 
    • Mathematics: 3 nights for 10 minutes
    • Reading: 4 nights for 10 minutes 

    Role Of The Student
    The student, when preparing an assignment, will:

    1. Be familiar with and understand the homework policy and administrative regulations.
    2. Develop good work and study habits.
    3. Learn to budget time and plan for study time to complete homework assignments.
    4. Monitor homework logs.
    5. Complete homework assignments to the best of his/her ability, with a minimum of help.
    6. Be responsible for obtaining and completing assignments when absent from school.
    7. Make sure the assignment is understood and request help when needed.
    8. Develop a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, self-direction, self-discipline, imagination and creativity.

    Role Of The Parents/Guardians
    Parents/Guardians can encourage their children by showing interest in and displaying positive attitudes toward homework. The parents/guardians will:
    1. Help their child set a regular homework time each day and remain with that commitment. Free the child of other responsibilities at that time.
    2. Provide a place to work and study that is quiet, properly lighted and equipped with necessary basic materials.
    3. Demonstrate interest in their child’s homework by encouraging him/her to do quality work and complete the assignments.
    4. Review homework to be informed about their child’s academic progress and ability to complete the work assigned.
    5. Encourage their child to complete assignments independently.
    6. Contact the teacher if a child has trouble with a homework assignment and cannot complete it.
    7. Be familiar with the homework policy and administrative regulations. Know when homework is assigned and how much time is expected to be spent on the assignment.
    8. Provide feedback to teachers regarding homework and a child’s time, difficulty and progress.

    See the Homework Policy on Board Docs

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