Week of: Sept 16 - Sept 20






    Warm up

    Which One Doesn't Belong?




    Warm up

    Set Puzzle




    Warm up

    Estimation 180



    Warm up

    Solve Me Mobiles




    Warm up

    Would you rather...?

    Progress Monitoring



  • To Access DreamBox on a Browser

    Your student can access DreamBox Learning from any computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection.

    If you’re using a browser, use this link: https://play.dreambox.com/login/t7vv/n7yj

    To Access DreamBox on an iPad

    To download the DreamBox Learning Math app, go to https://www.dreambox.com/ipad, or search for "DreamBox Learning Math" in the App Store. If you already have the app installed, you’ll want to make sure the latest version of the app has been installed so your student receives the most current experience and lessons.

    When prompted in the app, enter this school code: t7vv/n7yj

    Create your DreamBox Account to review your student's academic progress at home in your Family Dashboard. Please follow these steps to create your free account:

    1. You will need your child’s DreamBox school login information from their teacher to login for the first time.
    2. Have your student login to their profile just as they would at school. 3. Click Setup Parent Access at the bottom of the page.
      4. Follow the instructions provided to create a new login and password. 5. Read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
    3. Click "Submit".

    Log into your home account after setup:

    1. Go to https://play.dreambox.com
      2. Enter your email address and password.
      3. To see student progress, click the "Family Dashboard" button.



    Algebraic Concepts:

    Standard - CC.2.2.7.B.3

    Model and solve real-world and mathematical problems by using and connecting numerical, algebraic, and/or graphical representations.


    Standard - CC.2.3.7.A.1

    Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving angle measure, area, surface area, circumference, and volume.

    Standard - CC.2.3.7.A.2

    Visualize and represent geometric figures and describe the relationships between them.

    Measurement, Data, and Probability

    Standard - CC.2.4.7.B.3

    Investigate chance processes and develop, use, and evaluate probability models.