• Homework for the week will always be written in their planner. 


    **Homework is checked every Friday morning.  Please be sure all assigned work is completed by Friday.** 


    1. Complete nightly spelling activity listed in spelling HW notebook.

    *A spelling homework paper will be in your childs take home folder each week*

    2. Complete nightly math page.

    *This page will reflect what was taught in class that day*


    Each night your child should:

    --study spelling words for test on Friday

    --study the additional words: focusing on the meaning of each word only.  (Students are only tested on weekly spelling words)

    --read quietly or with an adult for 10 minutes


    During the school year:


    --Science vocabulary will be sent home to study for quiz/tests

    --Students will make and present an instrument for our Sound unit

     Social Studies:

    --Social Studies study guides will be sent home to study for tests

    --Students will make & present a project on one of our Presidents


    --Math papers with facts will be studied at home

        (addition, subtraction, multiplication)