• Happy Monday, all!

    This week we will seriously begin our study of fiction! We also look forward to developing a more robust vocabulary and refining basic writing skills using the Caught'ya stories. I will collect Reading Log 2 on Monday and hand out Reading Log 3 immediately after. This will be the last week for Reading Logs until after the Fiction Book Report is due.


    Monday, 9/30

    * Review the Essential Question- Is coflict always bad?- and associated Vocabulary

    * "The Wounded Wolf"- Multi Draft Reading

    * Caught'ya #6


    Tuesday, 10/1 (HOW IS IT OCTOBER???)

    * "The Wounded Wolf"- Close Reading Workshop

    * Caught'ya #7


    Wednesday, 10/2

    * "The Wounded Wolf"- Independent Practice with Comprehension Bookmarks

    * Caught'ya #8


    Thursday, 10/3

    * T-Shirt Book Report Instructions

    * Wrap Up "The Wounded Wolf" Independent Practice

    * Caught'ya #9


    Friday, 10/4

    * Library Day to select a novel for the Book Report!! :) 


    Here's to a great week!

    Steph Colliton