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    Monday, 10/7
    * "Wounded Wolf" discussion
    * Eight-sentence paragraph structure review
    HW: Book Report selection due Wednesday, 10/9/Report due 11/8

    Tuesday, 10/8
    * Compose "Wounded Wolf"TDA
    HW: Book Report selection due tomorrow/Share timeline with family

    Wednesday, 10/9
    * Elements of Fiction Note-Taking
    HW: Book Report/"Wounded Wolf" TDA due tomorrow, if not done

    Thursday, 10/10
    * Go over Note-Taking Guides
    * Animal Shelters Video
    * Prereading for "Stray"
    HW: Book Report due 11/8

    Friday, 10/11
    * Review Caught'ya 1-10 story, skills, and vocabulary
    * Vocab-O-Gram activity
    HW: Have a great weekend!