• Hi, everyone!

    We are BEHIND. Last week students composed an eight-sentence paragraph in response to a text-dependent analysis prompt for the short story "The Wounded Wolf." We spent four and a half class days working on the process for paragraph writing in general, as well as the process of responding to these types of questions. It took a little longer that I had imagined. It was time well-spent, though. Here is the breakdown for this week.


    Monday, 10/14

    Off :)


    Tuesday, 10/15

    Complete "The Wounded Wolf" TDA assignment

    Homework: Finish TDA, if not done


    Wednesday, 10/16

    Note-Taking for TB pages 14-17

    Homework: READ!!!!


    Thursday, 10/17

    Go Over Note-Taking Guides

    Prereading activities for "Stray"

    Homework: Review Note-Taking Guides


    Friday, 10/18

    Read "Stray"

    Homework: Check In with your Book Report Timeline- Are you on schedule?