• Happy November, all! I can't believe the first marking period has come to a close and that we are into the second so soon. Here is the plan for this week:


    Monday, 11/4

    * "Zlateh the Goat" (inference and theme)

    HW: Book Report due Friday


    Tuesday, 11/5- No School


    Wednesday, 11/6

    * "The Circuit" revisit

    * Book Report presentation instructions

    HW: Book Report due Friday!


    Thursday, 11/7

    * "The Circuit" and "Zlateh the Goat"

    * Book Report Presentation Practice

    HW: Book Report due TOMORROW!!


    Friday, 11/8

    BOOK REPORT DAY!! (So excited!)

    HW: None :)


    Don't forget to return your library books if you have not already done so!