PEARSON REALIZE: Pearson Realize

    Video Tutorial:  PEARSON REALIZE


    Remember, you must log into your District assigned Google Account!


    Once you are logged into your School Google Account, click “Sign in” on Pearson Realize’s website, then click the “EasyBridge” button. Search for our district by typing Upper Darby, then select “Upper Darby School District”. This is the same process we use to sign into Pearson Realize in the classroom.


    DREAMBOX:  DreamBox DHMS Login

    Video Tutorial:  DREAMBOX


    Your username is your ENTIRE UDSD email address - studentID#@student.upperdarbysd.org and your password is your Google password.


    STUDY ISLAND: Study Island Login

    Video Tutorial:  STUDY ISLAND


    Your username for Study Island is your studentID@dhms and your password is the same as your Google password. Once you login, select “My Classes” from the menu on the left side, and choose your math class.