Equity Teams Overview

  • Equity graphic by artist Tony Ruth

    The Upper Darby School District equity initiative teams are highly collaborative and interdependent for optimal equitable practices and outcomes to the benefit of students in our District.  Each team is designed to enhance the work of the other teams and to offer a layer of support in the implementation of the District equity initiative.  The equity teams for Upper Darby School District work in tandem to ensure that each student experiences the promise of Unity our amazingly diverse commuity offers and has access to Excellence through equity.


    The Comprehensive Equity Team, which is composed of District leaders, teachers, parents, and community members, is responsible for developing, monitoring, and adjusting the Comprehensive Equity Plan for effective strategic planning.  These team members ensure that the plan remains a dynamic, working document that evolves and adapts to address student needs over time.  Members of the Comprehensive Equity team meet regularly to assess the phases of equity and brainstorm ideas that continue to support our district equity initiative.



    The Districtwide Equity Leadership Team is composed of an equity leader(s) that represent each school throughout the District.  Our equity leaders act as a liaison between each building equity team and the Supervisor of Equity.  These team members meet regularly to share ideas, collaborate, offer support, and discuss school-level progress in the implementation of the District equity initiative.

    Building Equity Leadership Teams
    meet regularly to maintain tone and trust with members of the school-level teams and to plan for future training within each school building.  These teams are a strong resource for their respective buildings.


    The Youth Equity Stewardship is comprised of Upper Darby High School students in grades 9-12 and our middle school students from Beverly Hills Middle School and Drexel Hill Middle School.  As student leaders, they are ambassadors of equity amongst their peers and lead in courageous conversations about equity initiatives in our District.  They meet regularly to share ideas, offer support, and collaborate with other equity teams to help facilitate and promote equity initiatives amongst our diverse student population.


    The Parent Equity Leadership Team is comprised of parents of current Upper Darby School District students who are interested in working for implementation of the District's equity plan.  They are also ambassadors of equity within the three (3) boroughs and several communities in which our students live.  They participate in forums in which they receive updates about the implementation of the equity initiative plan.  Parents, in general, are also encouraged to discuss any ideas or community concerns around equity they may have at each forum.