• Week of October 14, 2019

    Students need earphones/headphones everyday because they are using them in Math class on A and C days, and B and D days for ELA. Please check to make sure your child has them in their schoolbags. 

    ELA- Students are in the process of taking the Module 2 test.HW-Tues-write words 3x's in ELA CB.

    Math- We are working on Chapter 2 which is Multiplying by 1,2,3-digit numbers using partial products, regrouping and solving Multi-Step problems. Math Chapter 2 test will be administered next week. HW-Tues.-Write 9x's Table in Math CB/Wed.-Write 10x's Table in Math CB/Thurs.-WS#18 Please pratice Math Facts every night for about 10 minutes. Students can also go on Sumdog each night.

    Science- Students are learning about different soils, affects of erosion, and Stream System. The instructors from Saunders Woods(Riverbend) will visit to discuss what students learned on the field trip.The first Science test will be administered Friday, Oct.18.


    For those who signed up to supply items for our Halloween Party, a reminder will be coming home next week.

    Please have students read 20 minutes each night and log books on their Reading Log. October Reading Logs due Nov. 1

    Specials Tues-B Day Music/Wed-C Day Art/Thurs.-D Day-Library(books)/Fri-A Day P.E.(sneakers)

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Losch




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  • Week of October 7, 2019

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    It was great seeing you at Open House last Thursday! If you did not sign up for conferences, I will be sending an email of the dates and times still available. Reminders will be going home in the next few weeks, and goal setting plans for each child.

    The students have homework this week for their Growth Mindset lesson. They need to interview an adult. It can be a parent, grandparent or special person in your child’s life. This is due Oct 16.

    MTSS Reading began last week. Students have been working on how to find Important facts from Science Articles of the Day. This week they will be working in groups, reading either a story with me or on their own. They will be finding definitions for Vocab words and main idea of the story.

    Math- Students are working on Chapter 2 on multiplication using Comparison equations and sentences/Bar models/mental math with zeros/estimating products/distributive property/expanded form/partial products. HW-Mon-Write 5x's table in CB/Tues-Write 6x's Table in CB/Wed-Write 7x's Table in CB/Thurs-Write 8x's Table in CB. Students can also go on Sumdog each night.

    Science- The students have learned about the Water Cycle, and will write a story about being a drop of water in the cycle. This is due Wed. Oct 9. They will be examining different soils and how they are affected by water. HW-Write story of being a drop of water in the Water Cycle.



    Specials-Mon-A Day P.E.(sneakers)/Tues-B Day Music/Wed-C Day Art/Thurs-D Day Library(books)/Fri-A Day P.E. (sneakers)

    Upcoming No School Monday, Oct 13-Columbus Day Holiday.

    Scholastic Book Club orders due Friday, October 11

    October Reading Logs are due Nov 1. Please sign each night.

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Losch


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  • Week of September 30, 2019

    Monday, September 30 is our Field Trip to Riverbend, Saunders Woods. Students need to bring their Bagged lunch with their name on it. No Lunch kits. They also need to dress appropriately for the weather and to walk around outside near streams and in the woods. We leave right after Announcements. Please make sure your child is on time for school.

    Math-Students learned last week about angles, degrees, and perimeter as our 2nd Bridge lesson. We will begin to work on Chapter 2 on Multiplication. They will be learning how to use Multiplication using Comparison equations and sentences/Bar models/mental math with zeros/estimating products.

    Please have students go over Math Facts so they know their times tables.  HW-Tues.-Write 2x's Table in Math Copybook/Wed-Write 3x"s Table in their Math CB/Thurs.-Write the 4x's Table in Math CB 

    Science- We are working on the Water Cycle and learning how it works. Students observed a model of the water cycle and runoff. You can see this at Open House. HW-Tues-Students will log their use of water usage in their Packet page 16.


    Open House-Thursday, October 3-I am looking forward to seeing you, and you can also sign-up for Conferences and Parties.

    Please talk with your child about the 3 B's-Be Safe/Be Respectful/Be Responsible for your actions.

    MTSS Reading -will begin Tuesday, October 1st. More information to follow.

    Specials Schedule-Mon-D Day Library(books)/Tues-A Day P.E.(sneakers)/Wed-B Day Early Dismissal/Thurs-C Day Art/Fri.-D Day Library 

    Reading Logs will begin Oct. 1st. Please have your child log the books they read and sign chart.

    Students went home with the fundraisers please check folders.

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Losch

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  • Week of September 23, 2019

    Math- We will review for the Chapter 1 test Monday. The Chapter 1 test will be administered Tuesday and Wednesday. The students need to show their work when they complete a problem in Math. We will also work on Bridge Lesson #2 on Angles, Degrees, and Perimeter/Area.  HW-Mon-finish/review FORM B/Thurs-Worksheet

    Science- The students will attend an Assembly sponsored by PECO about conservation called "Conservation Caper" on Monday. They will also have a Pre-visit from the instructors for our September 30 field trip about our ecosystem.

    We will be working on the Water Cycle and learning how it works. Students will observe a model of the water cycle and runoff.


    Please talk with your child about the 3 B's-Be Safe/Be Respectful/Be Responsible

    MTSS Reading will begin on Thursday, September 26. More information to follow.

    Specials Schedule-Mon-C Day Art/Tues-D Day Library(books)/Wed-A Day P.E.(sneakers)/Thurs- B Day Music(recorders)/Fri-C Day Art

    Reading Logs will begin Oct. 1st

    Students went home with a fundraiser please check folders.

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Losch

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    Week of September 16, 2019

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Thursday, September 19 is Back to School Night! You will be able to sign up for Conferences and Parties. Please come to the classroom 4-228(across from the library) at 6:45.

    Our class trip to the Constitution Center is Tuesday, Sept. 17. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. We are asking the students to wear RED,WHITE OR BLUE in honor of Constitution Day. Name on disposable lunch and be on time for school. Buses leave at 9:05. Students do not need money.

    Math-This week we are working on adding and subtracting whole numbers up to millions, and problem solving. HW- There is no homework because of the Field Trip/Wed.- WS#7/Thurs.-WS#8. Review Math Facts every night, and go on Sumdog.

    Science-Students will begin observing different photos of land and water forms and describing them. I will talk about Science Land and Water project at Back to School Night.


    Back to School Night Thursday, Sept. 19 at 6:45PM

    Scholastic Book Club orders are due Friday, September 20.

    Picture Day- Wed., September 18. Remember to send in envelope with your child's name on it.

    Growth Mindset- Last week, we will talk about-How the brain works and grows. We also talked about things we CAN DO vs. things we can't do YET!

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Losch


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  • Week of September 9, 2019

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    This week the students will be working on Lesson 2 of Module 1 for ELA Into Reading Series. Homework is given by Mrs. Farrell daily. Please make sure your child studies their Spelling words each night. Read for 20 minutes. 

    Monday, Students will be administered the Aimsweb Plus test by the Reading Specialists. This test will help to place your child on the Reading Level for Small Groups during MTSS Reading.

    Science-We will begin the Science class learning the  Scientific Method. Students will take a Science Survey so I can see how they feel and what they know about science. We begin the Land and Water Unit and the students will be observing landforms and water-forms of regions around the US. We will also learn about water and land forms and their definitions. 

    Soon your child will have to do a report on Land and Water forms. More information will be discussed at Back to School night.

    Math-We will continue with Place Value this week by learning how to compare and order numbers greatest to least, and how to round numbers. They will also be administered the Math Fleuncy Facts Test for the Beginning of the Year. HW-Mon-WS#R3/Tues-WS#R4/Wed-Sumdog/Thurs-WS Students should practice their Math Facts every night.

    The first week of school, the students and I came up with Classroom Agreements that we will follow throughout the year. We have been talking during Circle Time what the class and I can do to help each other follow these Agreements. This week we will watch a video on "The Power of One" which is about how to handle people who bully you. We will talk more about this, and our lessons on Growth Mindset at Back to School Night.



    Early Dismissal is Wednesday, Sept 11. 

    Class Trip form(lunch choice) and money $7.00(for bus) is due Sept. 10. Thanks to those who already sent this in.

    Specials: Mon-A Day-P.E.(sneakers)/Tues-B Day Music(need recorders)/Wed.-C Day Art/Thurs-D Day Library(books due)/Fri-A Day P.E.(sneakers)

    Scholastic Book orders are due on Friday, Sept. 20.

    Back to School Night is Thursday, Sept. 19. Letter will be going home with information on times.

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Losch

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  • Week of September 2, 2019

    •  Dear Parents/Guardians,

      Your child has survived the first week of school! We are hopefully off to a good start.

      Hopefully your child has come home to tell you about our classroom and the theme-"The Power of Yet!", also goes along with the theme of"Growth Mindset" ! We will also continue giving out "Bucket Bucks". Throughout the year, your child will be filling their buckets with kind acts, and passing on these kinds acts and positive behavior. This theme goes with our Garrettford Great Expectations which is- Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. We are also continuing using the same vocabulary words throughout the school: Tight to the Right and 100%Silent-while walking throughout the building. Please check out our webpage for more information about PBIS.

      They will be administered the Aimsweb Plus test(new test this year) by the Reading Team in the next few days. From these results, we will group your child for MTSS(RTI) Reading Groups by their Lexile Scores based on the new Reading series. A letter will be sent home telling you what group/teacher your child has. 

      Your child will be administered the MAP TESTING. This test is administered via computers for Math(Wed., Sept 4) and Reading(Thur.,Sept.5).

      We will begin Our new Reading series Into Reading. The new series is taught through Modules instead of Themes like Storytown. Mrs. Farrell met with your child last week to introduce the Spelling lesson and the new series. More information will be given at Back to School Night. 


      Science-The students will have Science  three semesters this year. The unit we will be working with is Land and Water this first marking period. They will have a Land and Water Packet to complete in school and sometimes for Homework.  They will also have projects to do along with this unit.(Students should keep all notes in a safe place to review for the Science PSSA test which will be administered in May) Science has 4 units which I will discuss with you at Back to School Night.

      Math- I will be teaching Math this year(RM:4-228 & 4-206) since the district decided to departmentalize the 4th and 5th grades.

      Chapter 1 is on Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. They will be learning place value of ones to millions place, also vocabulary words and addition and subtracting to 1 million. Homework will be assigned when needed this week(we will complete Homework in school this week so stuents know howto completetheir work) Any work that comes home, please review with your child every night.(Study Math Facts every night-Guide will be sent home on Multiplication) This year students will again use SUMDOG. They will have their passwords for this year in their HW Assignment Books(we are waiting for our passwords). 

      *Last week, the students learned how to make and read Line Plots problems.

      All homework and the Homework Assignment book should be signed every night.


      Our first Field trip will be Sept. 17th. We are going to the National Constitution Center in Phila. The letter went home last week explaining everything your child needs to know. Please return to school ASAP because we need to order the lunches for those who are ordering the bagged lunch from school, and pay for the bus.(cost for bus for the year for field trips is $7.00)

      Scholastic Book Club orders due Sept. 20th. Have order slip and check made out to Scholastic Books in an envelope with your child's name on it, unless you ordered online. Order forms are coming home Wednesday with code to order online.

      Back to School Night is Thursday, Sept. 19th. A letter will be coming home soon with more information. You can also sign up for Conferences and our Holiday Parties.

      Students who are interested in playing an instrument, have to have forms filled out and returned ASAP to Mrs. Lesniak

      All forms that went home need to be filled out and returned by Sept. 9. Students have a RED Plastic Homework folder this year. Please check every night. Empty sidethat says Leave home.

      If you have any questions please email me at -mlosch@upperdarbysd.org

      Have a great week!

      Mrs. Losch

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