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Mr. Davis

Welcome to Mr. Davis' eighth grade math class. You can find HW and class work assignments on this site.

The HW assignments are given at the begining of the lesson. It is due after the class work (CW) assignments are done in class. The CW  are usually completed in class, unless the student didn't keep up or if they werre absent. The due dates that are posted may not be exact because CW took longer than expected.

  • To access the textbook:

    *click on "Pearson realize" link

    *username and password: (the same that you would use to log into the chromebooks)

    *Type your school district - UPPER DARBY SCHOOL DISTRICT (hit "GO")

    *You will have to choose one "profile icon" and one "profile background" and go to the bottom and hit "let's go."  (after you do this, you will not have to do it again.)

    *You will then go to the main page (you will see your profile background at the top, in the middle of the page you will see a green circle "Browse", orange-red circle "Classes" and a blue circle "Data."

    *Click on "Browse" and you will see your textbook.  Click on your textbook and you will see the "Student edition" and have access to pages online.