Mr. E Douglas



Degrees and Certifications:

St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA. . MS - Instructional Technology University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. . PA Instructional Certification: (Physics 7-12) Pace University, White Plains, NY. . MBA (Information Systems, Finance) University of the West Indies, Ja. . B.S – Physics, Computer Science

Mr. E Douglas

Math Intervention  (Room 210D)


The purpose of this math intervention class is to develop math-fluency for students who were assessed at being below grade level in math. Developing fluency allows students more practice and greater familiarity with topics that were previously introduced in the regular math class using the math text book.

In this class, the Dreambox Math Learning application is used rather than textbooks. As a student completes lessons, the application “learns” the student’s areas of weakness and strengths in math. It then reconfigures game-like prompts/questions into guiding and reinforcing the student’s understanding. 


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If absent from class, students are able to get caught up with their assignments at:

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To be completed by 5pm Friday.  Avoid using Dreambox via phone.