Mrs. Margaret (Meg)  McDonough

Phone: 610-626-9168


Degrees and Certifications:

Villanova University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Saint Joseph's University, School Nurse Certification

Mrs. Margaret (Meg) McDonough



  • We have been seeing quite a lot of illness since returning from Winter break.  Please see the chart below to differentiate between the cold and flu: 



    Symptom                     Cold                                   Flu

    Fever                           Rare                                   Common, usually high 100-102

    Headache                     Sometimes                          Common

    Bodyaches/pains           Slight                                  Usual, often severe

    Extreme Exhaustion       Never                                 Usual

    Stuffy Nose                   Common                            Sometimes

    Sneezing                        Usual                                 Sometimes

    Sore Throat                   Common                             Sometimes

    Cough                           Mild-Moderate, hacking         Common-can be severe

    If your child has any of these symptoms, please evaluate carefully before sending to school.  Often times a headache is the first sign of a fever.  If your child complains of a headache, check their temperature.  If they have a fever, do not give fever reducing medication and send to school.  They are still contagious and it will wear off and they will feel miserable. 

    The Health office cannot give any medications without a signed doctor order and signed permission from parent.  Please do not send medication to school without this.  We will not be able to administer.  

    Please do not send cough drops to school with your child, we do not allow them as they are a choking hazard. 


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  • If your child requires medication to be given during the school day, we require written permission from the parent and a signed doctor order from your child's healthcare provider.  We cannot give any medications without it, this includes prescription and any over the counter medications.

    The health office does not give any over the counter medications in school.  You must provide the medication, along with a signed doctor order and parental permission.  

    All medications must come to school in the original container with your child's name and how to dispense the medication.  

    Please keep your child home from school if he or she is not feeling well.  If your child should vomit during the previous 24 hours, he or she should not come to school the next day.  

    Children should be fever free without the use of fever reducing medications for a full 24 hours before returning to school.  

    If your child gets lice, please notify the nurse, your child may return to school after being treated.  The nurse will need to check your child's head to make sure he or she is lice free.  Please report to the nurses office upon return to school.  

    The nurse will call home for serious injuries and illnesses.  We do not call for every nurse's office visit.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

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