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Mr. Nicholas Johnson



Degrees and Certifications:

Middle Grades 4-8 Bachelors from West Chester University

Mr. Nicholas Johnson

Hello families!


Welcome to the Gucci of teacher websites!...No...that doesn't fit.


Welcome to the iPhone of teacher websites!...too expensive...


Welcome to the MCU of teacher websites!...that's pushing it...


Maybe this...welcome to my teacher website. My name is Nicholas Johnson, and if you are visiting I can only assume that I am your child's 6th grade math teacher at Drexel Hill Middle School. If you are lost, and somehow found this by accident, click here to go somewhere else!

I look forward to having an amazing year with all of you. I like to have an open, and fun environment and hope that no one will hesitate to email me with questions or concerns. Thumbs up to a fantastic year!

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  • Hello families!


    This year I am trying something new regarding homework. Anything that will be done at homework will be mostly extra credit.

    What does that mean? Good question. 

    Every Topic that we cover will include a packet that I have made to cover the information we will be learning. This packet is completely voluntary, and will not affect grades if incomplete. I do highly recommend that students take this serious though, and use it as a study guide for their Topic Test. And since it is extra credit, it can only help them in the end.

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