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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor Degree - Elementary and Early Childhood K-12 - Technology Education - certification K-6 Elementary - certification 7-9 Science - certification 7-12 Social Studies - certification

Mr. Stephan

Hi! Thanks for Checking Us Out!
Middle School is awesome, Middle Schoolers are awesome, Technology is awesome, and I am an awesome teacher, so this is a pretty awesome combination.

This year, we will learn all about Technology, Coding, Unicorns*, and Engineering. Our classroom is a drama-free zone where we can all be ourselves and treat each other as equals. Failures and challenges are essential to learning and success, so we encourage each other to take calculated risks.

*may or may not actually learn about this topic
  • If you have any of the following items, we could really use them for our Future City model (more info on the competition at:

    • Old headphones (broken or used doesnít matter)
    • Mechanical pencils, pens, markers, and/or pen caps (they donít need to work!)
    • Empty tape dispensers
    • Anything old handheld piece of electronics that doesnít work anymore
    • Old computer mice or keyboards
    • Soda/container caps
    • Small recyclable food containers and/or lids (cleaned out please)
    • Plastic gum containers
    • Holiday lights that donít work
    • Any small plastic item you deem junk worthy

    Your child can bring these items to ROOM 2 anytime from now until the Winter Break. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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About Me

  • I have been teaching at BH since 2015. After 8 years working in Darby with William Penn School District, I left my 5th grade position for an opportunity to work with middle schoolers.  The students at Beverly Hills have show themselves to be inspiring, challenging, hilarious, loyal, diverse, entertaining, and hard working. I look forward to working with them everyday!
    I am married to my beautiful wife, Laura, and we have two wonderful boys, Grant and Wyatt.  My wife is a Speech therapist at Overbrook School for the Blind, working primarily with the deaf-blind student population.  She has the kindest heart and wants to help everyone.  Grant and Wyatt are still little guys, but we enjoy playing games, reading books, drawing, and watching movies together.
    In my spare time I run my own photography business, KPS Photography.  I also enjoy cooking (and eating!), camping, playing basketball, watching my Philly teams, reading, and listening to music and podcasts while working around my house.  My wife and I really love getting into the city and trying new restuarants.