• Hello, Upper Darby High School Class of 2020!


    I am deeply saddened by the state-mandated school closure in response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.  The news of the extension of the school closure to the end of the school year is difficult for everyone to digest.  I know the shift to our new reality has meant your missing out on important events and the general senior experience.  High school is a critical time during adolescence and marks your transition to young adulthood.  The stress and dissapointment is so difficult for your and your families.  We will recover and there will come a day when we are walking the halls of Upper Darby High School again.  While what is happening is beyond our control, my heart goes out to our 2020 senior class.  Please know that we are thinking about you during these unprecedented times.


    We do not want you to forget the special times and the memories you've made at UDHS.  As your Principal, I want to recognize you as much as I can.  So, I am starting with a video as the first of several acknowledgments to help you through this.  The content will be posted to the high school Schoology page, shared out across official District social media (FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter), and on the Class of 2020 Highlights webpage under Departments on the District website.  You can also access this webpage in the District News section.  Many staff members have contributed to this video by sharing pictures and videos to help me put this together for you.  Thanks to everyone who was able to respond to our call for Seniors content.  Enjoy and always remember UDHS.  GO ROYALS!!!


    - Kelley Simone, Principal, Upper Darby High School