• Attached are the steps to log in to "Schoology"

    Step 1: Go to www.upperdarbysd.org

    Step 2: Click on students and a drop down menu will come down.

    Step 3: Click on Schoology for Students.

    Step 4: An attention sign will pop up. Click accept.

    Step 5: Students will log in using their username and password (they all know this because they use them to sign on to the computers in school)

    The username must be followed by @student.upperdarbysd.org.

    For example, if their username is 111222, it must be typed in as 111222@student.upperdarbysd.org

    Step 6: Type in password. (For MOST students, this is their birthday---the password is on the slip that was sent home....please be mindful of capitals if needed.)

    After this, they should be in schoology.


    They will click on 3-109 picture to see assignments.  They can message me through schoology and I will be able to respond. You can also email me at cwoods@upperdarbysd.org and I will respond back to you. 


    Thanks so much and be safe!!