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Mr. Brian Cleary

Mr. Cleary’s Social Studies Class

*NOTE:  Please visit Google Classroom for an up-to-date Agenda as well as classwork, homework, videos and announcements.


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Room #: 222



Overview: This year in Social Studies, students will learn about important events in United States history including The Constitution, law, Westward Expansion, Civil War and Reconstruction.   These topics will be experienced and learned through the Teacher Curriculum Institute’s (TCI) History Alive Program. Students will discover these topics of history through many forms of activities such as journals, music, diagrams, and skits.


Class Rules: In addition to the rules for DHMS, the following rules apply in Room 222:

1.) No talking while the teacher is talking.

                        2.) Be on time.

3.) Be prepared.

                        4.) Be respectful to all.

                        5.) No inappropriate language or tone allowed.

6.) No food, gum or drinks allowed.

7.) School dress code must be followed.

8.) Do not touch or take anyone’s belongings.


Homework: Homework will not be assigned every night (typically it can be expected 1-2 times per week), however when it is given, it is important to complete it. Not only is it a part of your grade, it acts as reinforcement for the topics we learn in class. If you do not receive a specific homework assignment, you should still be working on projects, current events, or vocabulary that is due in the near future.

            Current events will be turned in weekly (every Thursday), unless otherwise directed, on top of your daily homework. Students are to find a current topic, on the internet or in a newspaper, that interests them and present the topic in the Current Event Homework Sheet that is given out every Monday.


Late Work: Late work will be accepted based on the Upper Darby School District Policy.


Grading: Based on Total Points


Class Supplies: (Everyday):

-Pens/Pencils (You can never have enough), and Student Planner.

-A spiral notebook to be left in your class folder will be provided for you.

  • Basic 1 – One GREEN folder and one GREEN spiral notebook.
  • Basic 2 - One NAVY BLUE folder and one NAVY BLUE spiral notebook.
  • Basic 3 - One YELLOW folder and one YELLOW spiral notebook.
  • Basic 4 – One RED folder and one RED spiral notebook.

-Your ISN is to be left in the classroom unless directed otherwise by Mr. Cleary.