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Mr. Majeed


Hello! My name is Imran Majeed and I teach Math at UDHS. I love Philadelphia sports (Go Birds) and I am very interested in Mathematics.

I am an Upper Darby grad (2010, first freshman class to win a pep rally, and first class to win two years), and have been working at UDHS since February 2016.

-What is my role as your students' teacher? 

Well, to answer this, I'm kind of answering the question of why I wanted to teach in the first place. Sure, I could’ve done many other math related things, since I love math and everything about it, I could’ve gone into engineering, actuarial sciences, or statistics, but I chose teaching. I do get a lot of lip for it though. My parents, at first, weren’t happy, I actually think they’re still not, but they still support my choice. Every time I tell someone that I'm a Math teacher, I get that look like (O.o) Ewwwwww, Why!? I hated math!!!

So, back to my role… I feel that as a teacher, I'm there to help. I'm there to introduce students to math and since I'm at the secondary level, maybe open up some eyes to a career path. As a teacher, I know I'm teaching the minds of tomorrow, I’ll maybe have the next doctor, or next scientist, or next cashier for all I know. But, what’s for certain is that my job is to successfully translate the language of mathematics to my students and have them use what they need to use for the rest of their lives. For instance, when I tell some of my middle grade students that they used algebra in kindergarten, they look at me like, yeah you’re lying Mr. Majeed… And I reply well, remember this problem 1+♥=2? Well just make the ♥=x and we have 1+x=2.

Mathematics is a subject similar to a ladder. You master each step before you take the next one. If a student does not do well in one of the parts of my unit, it means they probably do not have a good grip on the material that was taught before, and have to readjust that step and get a firm foothold before they keep climbing. 

Please feel free to reach out at anytime about anything and everything pertaining to your students' education.


Imran Majeed

Mathematics B.S.ED
West Chester University

Teaching and Learning M.ED
Cabrini University



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