Required Forms and Clearances


    Application Process

    Thank you for your interest in employment with Upper Darby School District or for your interest in serving as a volunteer. To be considered for an Administrative, Professional, or Support position, we require applicants to complete an online application by clicking here.  To be considered as a volunteer, please contact the principal of the school where you wish to volunteer.

    Please note: All potential employment candidates and those interested in volunteering in our schools will be required to provide Act 34 PA State Police Criminal Background Checks, Act 151 Childline Clearance (Child Abuse), Act 114 FBI Criminal Clearance (Fingerprinting), and Act 82 Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification. 

    Links for required background clearances:

    When applying online using the link above, on the gray toolbar, click "record check", choose "new record".  Follow instructions filling out application and making payment.  The cost is $22.00 for employees. There is no cost for volunteers only.  After completing the application and making payment, a box will appear that contains:  Control #, Name, etc.  Click on the Control #.  Then click on the Certification Form.  Print the Form, as this is your background clearance, and submit to the District at the address below.

    • FBI  Click this link to go to the new IdentoGO website, select the digital fingerprint, enter the code: 1KG6XN 

    You must create an account and establish a log-in to apply online using the link above.  Once you have established an account, you may apply for the child abuse clearance by following the instructions.  The cost of the clearance is $8.00 for employees.  There is no cost for volunteers.  You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your application and after payment is made.  Print your child abuse clearance and submit to the District's Office of Personnel at the address below. 

     Print and complete the form and submit to the District Office of Personnel at the address below.