Seminar 9/10 to 9/15

Seminar this week:
September 11 to 15
Seminar students at Drexel Hill Middle School and Aronimink Elementary School conducted research, discussed, or made progress on the following topics and assignments:
Grade 8
GooooD Eeeeving!  A nonfiction account of director Alfred Hitchcock and his success creating “edge of your seat” suspense.
Classroom Theater: The Monkey’s Paw
Grade 7
It Ought to Be A Law!  A collection of strange and famous laws that remain on the books today, even if rarely enforced.
Grade 6
Classroom theater: Room 19 (Fiction is the truth inside the lie).
Seminar Survey:  Students share relevant details about themselves.
Grade 5
Informational Text: How America Went Dog Crazy
Writing Assignment: What's the connection?  Imagine you are a beloved family dog, and you want your puppies to learn about their background.  Write a letter to them explaining your species' history, from wolf beginnings to your current life.
Math: Did Dino’s Really Roar (Subtraction methods)
STEM: Cartoon Challenge – Introduction to creating cartoon characters with geometric shapes.
Grade 4
Non Fiction: Our World Turned to Water
Math: Numbers in the News
STEM: Using gears; create a moving device.
Grade 3
Paired Texts: Hamburger History and Tacos Take Over
Math: Numbers in the News
STEM: Create a Local Park Challenge using scale drawing