Seminar This Week 9/18 to 9/22

Seminar this week:

September 18 to 22


Seminar students at Drexel Hill Middle School and Aronimink Elementary School conducted researched, discussed, or made progress on the following topics and assignments:


Grade 8

Classroom Theater: The Monkey’s Paw

Writing Skills: Foreshadowing and Flashback


Grade 7

Non-Fiction: Thinking in Pictures, students use works of art to think visually and write creatively

Fiction: The Lady and the Tiger by Frank Stockton


Grade 6

The First Day of School: A matter of Perspective

Listening skills: Facts about School Supplies

Fiction:  Waking up is Hard to Do, an excerpt from Sleeping Freshman Never Lie by David Lubar

Writing: Tom Swifties


Grade 5

Math: Animals Go To School (Algebraic Expressions)

STEM: Cartoon Challenge Part 2 – Use graph paper to create cartoon characters with geometric shapes.


Grade 4

Non Fiction: The Amazing History of Dogs

Math:  Did Dino’s Really Roar? (Subtraction methods)

Geography Stem: Why is the Sky Green?

STEM: Using gears, create a moving device.


Grade 3

Current Events: Paw Prints: Darby the Dog is one of many animals that have had their lives changed by 3-D printing.

Math: Did Dino’s Really Roar? (Subtraction methods)

STEM: Create a Park Challenge Part 2 - build a scale model of a park ride.